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The Top 5 Web Hosting Companies for Businesses

After last talking about the right web host for your specific needs, we now focus our attention on some of the best web hosting companies for businesses out there.

As a rising freelancer, internet marketer or small business, you need to be sure that the web hosting service that you sign up to will guarantee what you are looking for. Of course, you want to make yourself and your website look professional, neat and attractive for your clients and visitors to notice and go 'wow.' Based on the price plan that you choose, you would either be focusing on affordability and ease of use or performance and therefore expect greater costs.

Below, is Frontier Freelancing's list of the Top 5 Web Hosting Companies for Businesses:

1. HostGator

Known around the globe for its affordable plans, abundant features and reliable customer service, HostGator is
no doubt at the top of our list. Their plans start from as little as $3.96 per month (the 'Hatchling Plan') and can be customized and tinkered with depending on your needs.

Pros: highly affordable, loaded with features, lots of available templates and customization, lets you easily switch from old providers, fast and dedicated customer service
Cons: few apart from allowing only one domain available for its Hatching Plan (its other 2 plans both have unlimited domains and starts from $6.36/month).

Check out the awards HostGator has won over the last 11 years of doing business.

Here is a review from Affiliate Bible describing how the site owner has been using HostGator for over 90% of all of his websites (over 30 to date) since starting web building in 1996.

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2. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is probably one of the most well-known web hosting services globally along with HostGator and Yahoo Domains. What's great about GoDaddy is that its large size and technology investments make it easy to access their abundant resources (shared or dedicated) and not have to worry about receiving too much or too less. Though not as affordable as HostGator or iPage,(their 'Economy' plan starts from $4.99/month) the company is still somewhere in between and has a good mix of performance and price as well as different plans to suit different needs.

Pros: Well-known, huge technology network, huge sales dealership, good overall performance and value
Cons: Economy plan can only host 1 domain (their Deluxe plan costs slightly more at $5.99/month but provides unlimited websites), minor customer service issues like slow response or call waiting.

It all starts with an awesome domain! $1.99 .COM Domain from GoDaddy!

If you're interested in buying their Economy plan soon, then GoDaddy has a special offer going on that will charge $1.99/month for your first 12 months! Click the banner above or this link to sign up today.

3. iPage

For more than 10 years, iPage has been hosting individuals and businesses of all sizes. It has steadily built up a reputation of being an affordable yet reliable web hosting company. Similar to HostGator, iPage runs on the premise of low costs. Recently, the hosting service has slashed its monthly charges down to as little as $1.99/month for the first term afterwards users pay the standard monthly charges.

Pros: unlimited domains & emails, simple to use, lots of flexibility and customization options, anytime money back guarantee, SiteLock security
Cons: only 1 plan (for shared hosting), less inexpensive over time, exclusive customer support in English-speaking countries


If you hurry now, you can sign up for their basic plan for as little as $1.89/month (more than 77% off the normal price) by clicking on this link.

4. DreamHost

DreamHost is definitely one of the better hosting services on the web. DreamHost's strength is its emphasis on performance. For a flat $8.95 monthly, you have access to all of their provided features like unlimited storage and bandwidth, scripts, one-click software installation, advanced features (see their site details) and technical support. Best of all, you have a 97-day money back guarantee to decide if you're happy or not.

Pros: Lots of features, high-performance and 100% guaranteed uptime, enterprise reliability, Cafe Commerce e-commerce portal
Cons: Only 1 plan (shared hosting), limited customization, additional features charges extra

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Justhost is another good choice when looking for quality web hosting companies. Based in the UK, it is a global web hosting service that provides plans starting from $5 per month. Another big web hosting company, Bluehost, shares the same datacenter with the company and in many ways the two are very similar. Currently, Justhost is running a promotional offer with plans starting from only $2.25 per month for the first term (48 months) after which it goes up to $6.99 monthly.

Pros: e-commerce portals for all plans, instant setup, anytime money back guarantee, free domain registration, CGI & multimedia tools
Cons: not as well as known as other hosts, mainly serviceable in the US and UK

Currently Justhost is running a reduced sales offer on their introductory plan starting from $2.25/month for the first term.


We have only shortlisted the very best web hosting services for businesses while preparing this list. Of course, there are other noteworthy mentions like Bluehost, Fat Cow and Host Monster but in our view, none of them can compete with the price and performance advantages of our Top 5. 

Having said that, I personally recommend using HostGator to start off your freelancing/online business pursuits as the hosting service has the perfect blend of affordability and performance in order to help you make the most out of doing business online.

We hope this article has been helpful for you in narrowing down your choices and providing some useful information about the very best web hosting companies out there.

Feel free to message us here or email us for any further comments or inquiries. We'll be happy to help!

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