Thursday, 26 December 2013

Wordpress Basics for Websites

The most popular content management  system (CMS) used by websites and blogs throughout the world is no doubt WordPress. It's used by well over 50% of all blogs and websites in order to create, modify, edit and publish text, videos and links on the internet.

CMSs are basically computer programs that can be accessed and run through a central interface. Most CMSs have their own 'dashboards' enabling users to control every aspect of content management. The 3 most popular CMSs in use today are WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

When it comes to running your own blog or website, using WordPress is
definitely an attractive idea. Not only is it known and used by the majority of blogs and websites to design and publish their content, but its blogging interface and website interface are very similar in design and function. This means that you can easily move from a simple WordPress blog to a fully developed WordPress-designed website without any trouble at all. Not too mention how easy the control panel is to get used to - all it takes is just a few days of tinkering!

Below is a useful and easy to understand introduction to installing and using WordPress for new websites:

Easy WordPress Installation with iPage

For more information on installing and using WordPress for websites (both new and old), visit WordPress's support website here.

If you are interested in getting WordPress installed for your site or registering for a website with WordPress enabled, then visit iPage today for more information.

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